2010 Most Admired List comes with surprises

2010 Gallup Poll of Most Admired List shows a strong showing of conservatives with George Bush as #2 and conservative women taking almost the majority of spots.

  • Gullyborg

    these polls are ridiculous. all they really are is a list who a group of random idiots can name off the top of their head.

    • kingston

      Same people every year

    • Yep, that’s pretty much it.

  • Mel

    What about Mike Vick?

    • Reper

      I just heard the President just gave Michael Vick a personal phone call. He must be important.

  • Emmett Hall

    LOL.. whats wrong Gully.. Sarah came in second to Hillary?

    • Gullyborg

      that’s not a surprise or a disappointment. but a happy surprise was SP beating OW!

      • New poll just out shows Sister Sarah has a favorable rating of only 33% IN HER HOME STATE. You still think she’s presidential timber?

        • Gullyborg

          cite, please.

  • This looks like a poll of “best known” more than “most admired.” Ideologically the names on it are all over the map. I wouldn’t read much political/ideological meaning into it.