Bridget Barton: Free crack pipe, needle tour

By Bridget Barton for Governor,

Latest short video from Oregon Governor candidate Bridget Barton:

“I’m here today for a free crack pipe and needle exchange tour. You know Oregon is number one or two in the country in substance abuse, but we’re number 50 in treatment beds per capita. So when Oregonians passed ballot measure 110, they were promised that there would be treatment for these people. Yet, the idea of our government apparently is that this treatment. This is how we do treatment. We pass out free needles. We pass out free crack pipes. But there are no treatment beds for people seeking help and seeking recovery. This has to stop. This is inhumane treatment of people. There’s nothing compassionate about this. This is enabling substance abusers to commit slow suicide on our streets.”

Bridget Barton for Governor,