Bridget Barton Video: Oregon as Biden’s America in Action

By Bridget Barton for Governor

New Response Video Outlines Oregon as Biden’s America in Action

Portland, Ore. —April 21, 2022 — Republican outsider candidate for Oregon Governor, Bridget Barton, released the Republican response to President Biden’s first visit to Oregon.

The response gives Americans a glimpse into Biden’s America in Action, including a laundry list of the fallout from failed leftist policies that Oregonians have suffered under.

The results include:


“While the President is in Oregon for his short visit, I hope realizes that this is his America in Action,” says Barton. “The leftists and their progressive ideological policies have nearly destroyed our beautiful state. As Governor I will stop this leftist assault on Oregon and if we can save Oregon–we can save America, too.”


The video can be seen on Barton’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages.