Exclusive: Bridget Barton Releases The Toughest Television Ad of the Primary Election

By Bridget Barton | Press

Republican outsider candidate for Oregon Governor, Bridget Barton, released a new, in-your-face campaign ad challenging Oregon Republican voters to reject “tired faces and weak career politicians.” The ad also prominently features her recent landmark endorsement from top conservative radio host Lars Larson and paints Barton as the “Real Republican Outsider.”

The 30-second ad, which Barton’s production team shot on a dreary morning on Spencer’s Butte in Eugene, features a soaked Barton scaling rocks in the rain. Barton is a 69-year-old mother and horse trainer who was fit enough to film her latest ad after climbing 2,000 feet up one of Eugene’s most popular hiking destinations.

“Even though I’m a grandmother-to-be, I’m not sure any of my opponents could do the same thing,” says Barton. “It’s the year of the outsider … weak politicians beware.”

The ad will begin running today on TV stations across Oregon.

Full Ad Script of Bridget Barton’s “I’m Coming” Ad:

Crushing inflation, crime, dysfunctional elections, indoctrination in failing schools.

Don’t waste your vote on the same tired faces or weak career politicians.

I’ve never been afraid to do hard things.

I’ll suspend gas taxes, ban CRT and back the blue.

I’m Bridget Barton. I’ve got a message for the career politicians.

The people want their power back.

I’m coming.

To learn more about Republican outsider candidate Bridget, visit www.bridgetbartonfororegon.com.