State prepares for 2022 power blackouts

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Portland General Electric is alerting the public of likely power shutdowns this year that may impact as many as 30,000 customers

This will effect areas around West Hills, Tualatin Mountains,Forest Grove, Sheridan, Willamina. Eastern Portland, Columbia River Gorge, the Mount Hood corridor, Sandy, Estacada and other areas.

KEZI-9 reports more, “PGE is prepared to cut power to those lines if the weather calls for it.  If the weather does turn, and it has strong winds, low humidity, vegetation has low moisture content. How our agency partners are positioning themselves, that is when we would have that criteria to say, OK, lets turn off the power,” Messner explained….We will implement our incident command center about seven days in advance,” he said. “So we’re seeing that weather, we’re starting to monitor it. We’re not telling everybody what’s going on yet because we don’t know if its going happen. Then we have criteria that we would tell our public safety partners, ‘hey, this looks like its going to happen.’ Then we’re going to lean in and start telling our customers as well.”

We can only suppose that other options to preventing wildfires like harvesting more fire-prone trees, removing forest fuel and buying one of those jumbo tanker fire planes was not made available by politicians.

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