One of the worst ads of the election

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Congressional candidate Matt West is making a case for extremism.

Consider his pledge from his website;

“…there is no time to wait. No time to “study the issue.” No time for half-measures. It’s time for bold action to save the planet. Nothing short of a massive, sustained, war-effort-level investment—coordinated with the rest of the world—can hope to save us. The Green New Deal is a jumping off point.”

This is the sort of politics and rhetoric where the means justifies the ends.

When people say “no time to study the issue” it means don’t ask questions, just give me power to do everything I need to do.

Also, AOC’s Green New Deal would cost trillions, tens of trillions by some estimate.  The Green New Deal seeks to eliminate gas cars.   The Green New Deal seeks to retrofit every single existing building into more Eco-approved ones.  Yet, the candidate says this is just a “starting point”?

Mr. West says he wants to tax the rich, just like Biden promised he would only tax the rich and not anyone below $400,000.  Yet, Biden’s proposals have been shown to hurt the middle class, sometimes through taxes and sometimes through higher prices.   Mr. West’s path to raise tens of trillions of dollars in higher taxes without hurting the middle class is an empty promise — and a costly one.

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