Lars Larson: Election sent message you might not expect

By Lars Larson
NW and national radio host

I heard the message from Oregon Primary election.

But not the message you might expect.

I’m concerned about voting integrity.

I’m very happy that the Republican nominee for Governor, Christine Drazan, made a commitment on my talk show to demand a full, forensic audit of Oregon elections…something Democrat Governors have never agreed to do because the flawed vote by mail system works very well for them…democrats nearly always win.

This week, in one of the biggest populations in Oregon, Clackamas County managed to so badly screw up an election we still don’t know the result.

So a system that’s been in place for decades…one Oregon brags about as being finely tuned…screws up ballots so badly that the ballots cast by the voters won’t be counted at all…they will be copied over to a new ballot…

Then, we’re supposed to trust the same folks who didn’t notice the bar code flaw to faithfully transcribe your votes.

I’d sooner trust medical advice from Dr Anthony Fauci.

As for the Governor’s race, Oregonians now have a choice…hand over the state an even more extreme left wing version of Kate Brown in Tina Kotek, pick the independent Betsy Johnson…or vote for Republican Drazan…and get our elections system fixed.