1,000 Student walk-out protest: ‘Capitalism is killing us’

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Over 1,000 Portland students skipped school last Friday to protest against climate change.

This sign by OPB showed a protester saying “Capitalism is killing us all”.

Is Capitalism really killing people?  Maybe it is Communism as it is responsible for killing nearly 100 million people in the last century.

By the way, it looks like Democratic leaders (America, Europe) are performing better against carbon emissions communist China.

Also, the other top polluting nations in the Asia region are Communist Vietnam and Thailand/Sri Lanka which rank below the average democracy according to FreedomHouse.

Here is an older chart showing how quality of life (health, education, environment) are best under Capitalism countries and worse under Communism ones.  If American Capitalism is really “killing” people as the student sign says, then they are lousy killers because this is at the top of life expectancy, health, environment and peace.


The anti-Capitalism message is similar to the Portland rioters message last year in the same Portland downtown.  Here are some photos our office took at the time in our special riot reporting series. (2021 photos).



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