Unexpected Memorial Day blessing

By Jason Williams
— Williams is the Founder, Director of the Taxpayers Association of Oregon

During the pandemic I haven’t been putting out my annual flags during Memorial Day where a few neighbors and I line the block with our patriotic flags.

This week I restarted the tradition, but tried something new.  I put out a bucket with free flags for people to use on their own.

I left it out this morning and by Lunch, 10 flags were picked up already.

I didn’t expect a single one to be picked up the whole weekend.


That surprised me.

Maybe someone needed one to show their remembrance and pride?

Maybe someone needed one for a grave site placement for a veteran (because many cemeteries do not have them available)?

Maybe it was kids just picking them because it was free?

Who knows?

I am believing for the best.   I am due to put out another dozen this evening.

Evening update: So I returned home to find nothing left.  Apparently, everyone took all the flags leaving behind a nice empty plant pottery vessel with the words “free” on it, so therefore the lovely plant holder also disappeared.  It seems my neighborhood is big on celebrating America (or petty theft).  I hope you yourself are finding ways to honor those who have died this weekend and you enjoy this more light-hearted article amidst the daily alarming articles we have posted.