Stop taxpayer bailout of sports arenas

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

This month, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis vetoed giving $35 million of taxpayer funds to the billion dollar Tampa Rays so they could build a spring training building.  It is about time lawmakers woke up to the endless money pit of dumping hard earned tax dollars on billion dollar entertainment corporations.

A Portland restaurant owner once described that his business slumped every time there was a major Portland Trail Blazer game.  At the same time, restaurants near (and inside) the Rose Garden arena would obviously see an increase.   There is no endless supply of customers, but rather a limited supply and throwing taxpayer cash to reward one business and not others is not the role of government.

Do sports corporations not have enough money?

This month, NIKE founder Phil Knight offered $2 billion to buy the Blazers.   These sports team have enough money to build their own training campus.


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