Lars Larson: Brown feels bad that she’s stealing your money

By Lars Larson
NW and national radio host

Lame duck Governor Kate Brown doesn’t mind putting her rank hypocrisy on full display. Yesterday, she told a TV station, “My heart goes out to Oregon families across the state, (the cost of gasoline)is incredibly challenging.”

This from the woman who enjoys a six figure salary and a state provided SUV and driver.

Just yesterday, the national average cost of gasoline passed the 5 dollar mark for the first time in history.

Oregon and Washington gas costs are much higher than the average and that cost is sucking the pockets of average citizens dry.

Washington adds nearly fifty cents in gasoline taxes on top of these crazy prices.

Oregon adds 38 cents in taxes.

So, does Queen Kate have any plans to ask for a suspension of the gas tax during prices increases Joe Biden has promised are temporary?
Not a chance.

She says the state is sending out checks to people that it decides are deserving.

If you’re a taxpaying citizen sitting in your car, looking at that half empty gauge and cringing that the next fill up will take the better part of a Benjamin…I expect Kate doesn’t find you deserving.

By the way, the state is flush with tax collections…so much so it owes taxpayers three billion dollars in a kicker.

But a break on the cost of gas. Kate won’t even consider it