Liberals rage over kids’ book that dares to depict … natural gas!

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Liberals are targeting a children’s book that dares to show kids the benefits of natural gas.

The Oregonian reports, “Jaimini Parekh, an EarthJustice Lawyer representing a coalition of environmental groups objecting to the Oregon rate hike, said the booklets ignore climate change implications of methane emissions, which largely come from natural gas systems … Climate activist Amanda Roth — who is a NW Natural customer — said it was disturbing to know that the money she uses to pay her gas bill is, in part, going to materials she sees as teaching her two children something antithetical to the lessons she tries to impart at home.“ It seems like they are trying to skirt the parents and go straight to the kids with this propaganda,” Roth said.”

In Massachusetts a parent complained about her child coming home with the same book, “I think the problem is that we are facing such an incontrovertible looming crisis with our climate and planet, that to send home a book that makes light — it doesn’t even mention concerns of climate — and makes it seem like a fun thing to do, to play with gas, love gas, and want gas as your friend; it borders on immorality these days.”

For starters, as a Taxpayer advocate organization we 100% agree when environmentalists complain about children’s books in school being used to politicize children.   The fact that every child in the Massachusetts school class was given the book to take home appears quite fishy.  Now maybe liberals will be more sympathetic when other (non-liberal) parents concerns are brought up at School Board meetings.

Second, the anti-natural gas critics are attacking NW Natural Gas for their many rate increases.  Yet, it is the very same environmentalists who are passing extremely heavy regulations (some of the nation’s strictest) which drive up natural gas prices in Oregon.   This is no different than when Joe Biden blames gas prices on Putin while behind the scenes Biden closes essential pipelines and effectively shuts down scores of oil permits.   It represents a nefarious political playbook to target an energy source you do not like and use back-door regulations to jack up the cost so it becomes unbearable to average families and then direct their anger upon those companies by depicting them as greedy and evil.   Taxpayers need to be alerted that their energy choices are quietly being taken away from them by people who despise the choices they are making.

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