Don’t forget to use your FREE political tax credit

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon,

There are only a few days left in the year to use your free 2017 Oregon Political Tax Credit.

Oregonians can donate $50 ($100 couple) and get 100% of it back on their Oregon taxes.  It is a credit and it saves you more than a standard charitable deduction.   If you do not use it this year you will lose it for this year.  Click here to make a simple tax credit donation and learn how you can get 100% of it back on your Oregon taxes.

  • mike rose

    The truth hasn’t changed one word, Larry. CRC was indeed a totally unacceptable unbelievably expensive boondoggle, where no one was held responsible or accountable. No one stood up to the steel-rail, cars-are-bad libs and told them the folly of their ways.

    Should there be a new attempt, let it be a true solution and not a masturbatory exercise in misguided excess that solves nothing. Westside bypass comes to mind immediately…a real solution which removes congested traffic from metro I-5, serves booming Washington County where real growth continues to make sense, and un-apologetically thumbs a nose at the “planners” with all the wrong answers. ODOT and WADOT must suck it up and develop a solution that works. Sufficient rubber-tired vehicle lanes in each direction, no steel rails or bike paths, and reentry to I-5 south of Wilsonville. A byproduct of new buildable land for additional residential development would result in expanding the urban growth boundary and easing the other affordable housing crisis which cripples the region.

    And let’s get it done in a timely fashion….not 10 plus years of foolish dithering with no resulting solution. If memory serves, Minneapolis rebuilt a destroyed Interstate bridge in about 2 years for somewhere around $350 million?

    There’s a leader out there somewhere…now’s the time to start.

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