If you witness political vandalism please let us know

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Over 70 people rioted in Eugene last weekend and there is no trace or record of the things they vandalized or the messages they left behind.   The anarchists’ violence needs to be put into the public record.

Remember, when you see a boarded up small businesses, it is because the small business is afraid to replace the damaged window.

Insurance will indeed replace the window but will not insure the second window and will increase monthly insurance rates because the rise in insurance claims from the neighborhood indicate that it is a riot prone area where risk is higher.   Over time, boarded up businesses lose customers and it will close.



This 90-year old small business closed because of rioters vandalism.



Simply put, political vandalism is destroying small businesses and encourages rioters to vandalize even more.   It needs to stop.


If you witness political vandalism in your neighborhood please contact the Taxpayers Association of Oregon.

There is political vandalism happening all across Oregon, don’t just watch your neighborhood be trashed, help do something about it.


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Photo: From Portland riots in 2021 where the Oregon Historical Society was attacked twice.