Biden taps Gov. Kate to protect us from security threats

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Recently, Pres. Biden appointed Gov. Kate Brown as one of 9 governors to serve two-year terms on his Council of Governors. The bipartisan group is slated to serve as the lead forum to strengthen partnerships between the federal and state governments to better protect the nation from security threats. Gov. Gretchen Witmer, known for being among the most controversial and unpopular governors during the COVID-19 pandemic, is also included.

Looking at the mission of the group could invariably mean partnerships to protect against security breaches.

Gov. Kate Brown’s dubious experience with data security includes (this list is not exhaustive):

  • as Secretary of State, Gov. Brown failed to use over $80 million provided by the federal government to update the Employment Department computer systems. One year later the system is still not functioning.   Since then, OED has been hit with multiple data breaches, most recently in the COVID-19 pandemic with widespread identity fraud, costing the state untold amounts of money in fraudulent unemployment checks. In 2014, hackers again targeted the OED and of the 1.9 million records at the time, over 850,000 Oregonian job seekers information was breached.
  • over 645,000 Oregonians were implicated when the Department of Human Services was hacked.
  • the Department of Revenue compromised the personal information of 36,000 Oregonians in 2018.

Other potential security threats the governor has overseen and helped along the way:

  • a plan to shutter 3 prisons without a plan.
  • commuting the sentences of many inmates during COVID-19, excluding the crimes committed.
  • over 100 nights of violence in Portland before the Governor decided to make a public statement.

What do you think? Should Gov. Kate Brown be one of 9 American governors trusted to protect the nation?

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