Plans move ahead to toll I-5 OR-WA bridge

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The politicians plan to replace the existing I-5 bridge and toll you for the privilege to use it.

The Oregonian reports, “Interstate Bridge replacement proposal hits major milestone with state, local endorsements.  Eight government boards have endorsed the broad strokes of a plan to replace the Interstate 5 bridge over the Columbia River, advancing the project to a federally mandated environmental review.The concept calls for a span over the river with three through-traffic lanes and an added auxiliary merge lane in each direction, as well as a light-rail link to Vancouver and a separate bridge for local traffic from North Portland to Hayden Island. It would eliminate the current bridge’s vertical lift — a point of contention for its impact on river traffic — and parts of the Hayden Island interchange. The plan also calls for tolling to help pay for the project and discourage travel during high-traffic hours.”

Where is the billions in new infrastructure funds coming to Oregon and why is it not being used to build a toll-free bridge?

Where is the $5 billion in the 2017 transportation tax bill, and why is that not helping to build a toll-free bridge?

The last time they set to rebuild the I-5 bridge, politicians spent $200 million just to study it and failed to fix anything.

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