Portland’s sneaky backdoor tax on cell service, cable TV

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


During the pandemic alone, Portland taxpayers have witnessed an increase in their income taxes, business taxes, property taxes and gas taxes.

Did we mention 40-year record high 9% inflation?

Now the Portland Office of Community Technology is proposing an expansion effort that will raise millions more in higher Right of Way costs. The impact will be that Portland taxpayers will be hit with higher phone service costs, cable TV costs and internet costs.

Some services may end up being taxed twice under the new proposal.

The Oregonian recently reported (June 15, 2022) that Downtown Portland office vacancies are so widespread that no less than 13 office buildings are going up for sale. Experts were quoted that they have never seen it this bad in over a decade. How are we to bring back businesses to Downtown if we spike the cost of their phone and internet service on top of the gas tax, property tax, income tax and business tax increases?

Additionally, there is no transparency in the proposal which only invites waste fraud and abuse.

Portland taxpayers should be alarmed.

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