Idaho jobs up 155%, Oregon still down

By Vicki Olson
Oregon writer,

The numbers speak of a shocking comparison between the state’s of Idaho and Oregon. Newly released data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveal that Idaho has fully recovered their lost jobs from the pandemic and is officially at 155% above their pandemic levels. At the same time, Oregon is lagging behind as it has not fully recovered the lost jobs from the pandemic.

While Idaho cut income taxes by $600 million during the pandemic, Oregon did the exact opposite by passing a 17% tax increase on small family businesses. The difference could not be clearer.

Families see this difference and it is one reason why Idaho was recently rated the #1 move-in migration state according to North American Moving Services.

The state’s lost jobs are the cost of Oregon’s all-Democrat leadership. However, that may soon change. The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC), the national campaign committee tasked with electing Republican state legislators has designated Oregon as a state where Republicans have an opportunity to flip the Legislature.

RSLC spokesman Zach Kraft weighed in on the impact of the lopsided jobs numbers on the midterms, “Idaho offers a glimpse of what could have been if Democrats in Salem had pursued commonsense policies instead of their radical agenda. The good news is Oregonians have a chance in November to get the state back on the right track by sending Republicans to Salem who will fight to bring back jobs and lower costs.”