Sen. Boquist: Gov. race forecast, car bans, school failure excuses

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist,
Highlights, excerpts from Sen. Boquist newsletter

— MSM is freaking out about the gubernatorial race, as Oregon has switched from “likely” Democrat to “leaning” Democrat. Most MSM articles are only talking about the race between Drazan and Kotek, ignoring the third-party candidate, Johnson.

— Pay attention to gloomy media headlines about Oregon’s financial status, while at the same time noting that Oregonians may see a record $3.46 billion kicker refund in 2024 (due to largely overpaying personal income taxes). This hot and cold take could be setting the stage for the government to increase taxes in the 2023 legislative session when Oregonians are already hurting due to increased prices at the pump, everyday billsinflation, and overall cost of goods.

— Oregon will likely follow California’s lead on banning the sale of gas-guzzling cars by 2035. The only detail the MSM leaves out is that all these car manufacturers are investing in Electric Vehicles (EVs) because they know the government will bail them out if the technology/investment is a flop.

— New graduation report suggest that Oregon schools need to be more “equitable” and focus on making students more hirable after graduation – the latter of which makes sense. OPB says, “The report’s authors say Oregon’s graduation rate falls below other states ‘partly due to differences in systemic investments.’” This is a nice way of saying PERS and bureaucratic bloat are soaking up necessary education dollars that aren’t making it into desperate classrooms.

— The government has been using the summer of 2022 (when most people are on vacation) to discuss abolishing private health care and replacing it with a possible new 15% income tax.

— How Colleges Will Cash In on Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness: Academia will keep raising tuition, and students will have incentive to take out more loans. If Biden really wanted to fix the problem of student loan debt, he should incentivize lowering the interest rates on student loans and also address the cost of schooling. This is purely a move to fail to placate the extreme leftists in Biden’s base, but he also campaigned on “ELIMINATING” student debt.

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