Utah Gov. blasts Duck fans for anti-Mormon chant

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The Governor of Utah retweeted this video clip of University of Oregon Duck fans using obscene chants targeting Mormons at the BYU game.

Fox News jumped in on the event and made it about media bias saying, “Although Oregon was quick to respond after videos emerged, mainstream media largely ignored the incident as well as the university’s apology. MSNBC and CNN had no reports on the event, though NBC reported on the story on Sunday afternoon….The New York Times and the Washington Post also have been silent on the story as well, even though the Washington Post reported on the game on Thursday.”

A University of Oregon official issued an apology, “The university apologizes for the despicable chants made by some University of Oregon fans at today’s football game with Brigham Young University. There is no place for hate, bias or bigotry at the University of Oregon. These actions are simply unacceptable. We will investigate, and we call on our students and campus community to refuse to accept or tolerate this type of behavior,”

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