Should Oregon open their beaches like other states?

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Montana and Texas are states that allow some type of open beaches for the public. Oregon has  blocked use of its beaches and also blocked access points.   Right now, vacation rentals and hotels are pushing to lift their restrictions on their hospitality industry.

In California some towns are open their beaches. Police officials came to their defense by making public statements that the public has been faithfully obey public distancing measures on the beaches. California Governor Newsome disagreed and shut them down.

A recent study of 320 outbreak clusters in China showed that the majority of transmissions occurred indoors. In Fact, all cases involving three or more occurred indoors. This new study should be immediately reviewed by state health officials.

The Taxpayer of Oregon is making a request to Oregon health officials and state leaders to re-examine our beaches as a possible healthy and safe way to ease the shutdown and which is in conjunction with the Governor’s step-by-step proposal. We are using this online platform to solicit public opinion, input, suggestions and criticism of the proposal. Your opinion matters, please submit a comment on this blog, on Facebook or  email your suggestion privately at [email protected].  We want your opinion.


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