Lars Larson: Biden pours gas on inflation bonfire

By Lars Larson
NW and national radio host

Don’t believe your lyin’ eyes.

Slo Joe Biden brags that gas prices have dropped more than a dollar a gallon. Of course, that comes after prices rose from 2.39 a gallon the day he took office to more than five.

Joe is like one of those discount stores that brags about its 50% off sale after jacking prices up 200 percent.

The President’s energy secretary advises you to save on gas by buying a 60-thousand dollar battery car…and V-P and Border Czar Kamala Harris insists that 2 million illegal aliens crossing the border in the last year mean America has a secure border.

The new inflation numbers which paused for the month of July and then dropped a couple of tenths of one percent in August…most of that because of the drop in gas prices.

Pay no attention to food prices which are up 11 and a half percent in just the last 12 months…the biggest increase since Jimmy Carter was President back in ‘79.

Biden and company would like you to ignore all those signs that America is headed for a major recession and supply chain will get worse with planned union strikes.

Focus on the illegal student loan payoff that’s adding nearly a trillion dollars to the debts your great grandkids will owe.

Just remember, you have a choice in November whether to keep the creeps who did this to your country…or throw them out and try something different.