Lars Larson: My prediction on Biden

By Lars Larson
NW and national radio host

I can’t wait to hear how Joe Biden blames his new baby formula shortage on Russia. I know it sounds silly but…

It’s no more silly than blaming Putin and the war in Ukraine for gas price increases that began last summer when the war started in February.

Most of us know this country went sideways when Biden bragged about the executive orders he signed on day one to kill the American energy industry.

Guess what? It’s working!

It’s no more silly than blaming Vlad for inflation that also began last summer and that the President claimed was temporary.

Now on top of soaring prices and energy shortages, we are critically short of baby formula and store shelves are stripped

It’s bad enough that the Biden FDA shut down America’s biggest infant formula plant in Michigan for three months for no good reason.

Now, we learn from members of Congress that pallet loads of that formula have been shipped…at taxpayer expense…to our southern border to meet the needs of the literally millions of illegal aliens Biden invited to invade our country.

So, I hope you take note that Biden has not only turned you into second class citizens…but they’re stealing the food right out of your baby’s mouth too.