Lars Larson: Kotek’s personal opinion shouldn’t supersede Oregon’s laws

By Lars Larson
NW and national radio host

Tina Kotek wants the job of Oregon Governor.

That should scare you half to death.

Consider Kotek’s position on the death penalty.

Over the weekend, I saw that all three candidates asked about Oregon’s voter approved capital punishment.

Democrat Governors…Kitzhaber the corrupt, and Kate the incompetent…declared a moratorium on the death penalty…without asking voters first.

Republican Christine Drazan promises to end that moratorium.

Kotek? She says she opposes the death penalty based on her personal religious beliefs. She was raised Roman Catholic, but for the life of me I can’t find any mention of what religion she actually follows.

Apparently, it’s the religion that says killing criminals convicted of murder is wrong, but killing unborn babies is perfectly okay.

Sounds like a strange one to me.

But the thing that should scare you…Kotek believes if she’s elected Governor she should follow her own personal beliefs instead of the laws passed by the people and their representatives.

Last time I checked, we call that a dictatorship.

Another great reason to vote Christine Drazan for Governor.