Biden to join Big Tax Kotek on “lowering costs” summit (no joke!)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

President Joe Biden has spent nearly $5 trillion in EXTRA spending programs (Infrastructure bill, Inflation Reduction Act, CHIPS Act, etc …) since he took office 22 months ago.

Biden will be meeting governor candidate, Tina Kotek, on the topic of “lowering costs for American families.”

Kotek who alone voted to raise billions in new taxes including the largest tax in Oregon history — the dreaded Corporate Activities Tax.  Kotek voted for the five billion dollar road tax (it included 10-cent gas hike, sales tax on cars, brand new payroll tax on wages, higher auto fees, truck tax increases, nation’s first bike tax).  Kotek also voted for a 17% tax increase on small business (SB 139) in the middle of a pandemic and hospital taxes (HB 2391), and Home health care license fees (HB 2072,) and if that wasn’t enough to raid part of the people’s income tax Kicker refund twice (SB 846, HB 2975).

Biden will give a speech on lowering costs.  The more Biden speaks of lowering costs the more trillions gets spent.

Biden is coming to Oregon to rescue Tina Kotek from falling polls in her race to become Governor.


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