Sen. Boquist: Highlights from wild governor’s race

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist,
Highlights, excerpts from Sen. Boquist newsletter

— Here’s where Oregon governor candidates diverge on addressing homeless crisis.

— Nike’s Phil Knight donates $1 million to gubernatorial candidate Christine Drazan, after donating over $2 million to Betsy Johnson earlier this year. He has said he wants the governor position out of Democrats’ hands.

— Does Drazan stand a chance at winning the governor? All the polls and national press make it look possible, which says a lot more than any previous Republican campaigns for the state’s highest office. There’s no denying that her campaign has been expertly run.

— Biden coming to Kotek’s “aide” was embarrassing. Multiple Democrat candidates in swing districts did not want him to visit their campaigns because a visit by his elderly self would do more harm than good. Kate Brown wasn’t even here.

— Oregon has always been a solidly blue state and to see the excitement around two women, Drazan and Johnson, who are not the far-left “status quo” has been fascinating.

— One of the biggest question marks is how important abortion is to Oregonians in the upcoming gubernatorial race. Overturning Roe v. Wade did not change Oregon’s lax abortion laws at all, but instead made it a state’s rights issue for the entire country. This fact hasn’t stopped many Oregonians from being worried about it, which is why both Tina Kotek and Betsy Johnson are campaigning as pro-choice. Christine Drazan is pro-life.

More news:

— Oregon’s rogue freight advisory committee might have finally overstepped.

— COVID cases stay flat. Remember this when they start hyping the booster shots. The Biden Admin is already ‘scrambling’ to get people boosted before the winter.

— Under federal $1 billion agreement, Oregon will expand Medicaid coverage.

— Biden came to Oregon and got ice cream with Tina Kotek and said the economy is “strong as hell”.

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