Oregon invents new “never seen before” crimes

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


One huge sociological observation from Oregon’s crime wave and drug experimentation is to witness a wave of never-seen-before crimes in terms of type and scale.

For instance:

“The Perennial Pooper” – Multnomah County police are on the hunt for a suspect who has dropped over 500 human waste drops at various points in the Portland Metro area.


“Mass Tree Killer” – Police are on the hunt for the suspect labeled “The Gresham Lumberjack” who is suspected to have cut down as many as 750 tress around the Gresham portion of the Springwater Corridor.   The forest fiend cuts tress near hiking paths and does not take the wood.  It is pure nature sabotage.


“Mass naked parading”  Although any given large city in America may witness a naked vagrant every now and then, yet Portland is experience a surge in such incidences.  Below is just four examples from Portland in just a single 30-day period.


“Bed napping trespassing”   A few weeks ago, a Portland woman found a homeless person sleeping in her child’s bedroom.   After the owner kicked her out of the house, the homeless vagrant went down the street and broke into another person’s house to sleep.   The same homeless person also used another homes’ front porch  along the street as a toilet.



“Tire slashing trend” – The Portland metro area has seen 5 tire slashing waves (involving multiple vehicles) during the past year.  Before this, it wasn’t until about ten years ago since a mass tire slasher made such headlines for slashing tires.   The man below was spotted recently as part of 50 cars slashed within a single weekend.

“Catalytic converter mass theft” In Lake Oswego, a single home was found to have had 3,000 stolen catalytic converters which was part of a larger crime ring that had stolen 40,000 in total.


  • “Grenade dumping” – Grenades wash up on Newport beach.


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