Lars Larson on Spanish Speaking Media

Well, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Governor of California, is in big trouble now but I can’t seem to figure out why. Schwarzenegger went to a gathering of Spanish speaking journalists, people who work for t.v. and radio stations and newspapers that speak Spanish and they deal with a primarily Spanish speaking clientele. In Southern California, Spanish is the most successful language on radio, t.v. and, to a certain extent, in the news print.

Here’s the problem. Schwarzenegger told them that if they really want people to be successful in the United States, those people should shun media that only speak Spanish and go to all English. That is, learn the language of the country you are in and you will be successful. Now, boy are they piling on Schwarzenegger. What an unfair situation.

  • eagle eye

    Poor Arnold. He abandoned any principles he may have had. Now he tries to be honest with his new pals, and they don’t like it. Too bad.

  • Jack

    English speaking laws are needed nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
    I have a friend who was working for a Radio Station in Salem until recently when it sold out an became a spanish speaking radio station. HELLOOOOO.
    This is America, we speak English. This is happening more and more.
    I block out the Spanish TV Stations(Notice they don’t Caption in English). They don’t want the rest of America to know what there saying. The “INVASION” is happening (DEL MONTE).
    The GOVERNATOR was right and he should do someting about it along with the FCC that all communication in America be done in English. Seriously I could see KXL and others going Spanish if people don’t speak up and do something about it NOWWWWWW.

  • Rick Hickey

    Great example of Freedom of Speech here.
    Immigrant Governor telling new Immigrants who statistically proven nationwide do not speak English, even 3rd and 4th generation, to learn the language of America.
    Arnold, knowing it would be unpopular politically, says what he wants.
    Self interest only-Spanish Press-Doubt a Multi-Millionaire Movie Star and Governor of largest State in the Union, Married to a Kennedy, hello?.

    Spanish Press have freedom to open mouth and put foot in and do.

    We have freedom to tell our Gov’t to stop wasting our money on publishing, speaking and otherwise bending over backwards to accomodate decades long inhabitants that refuse to assimilate at least in communicating.


    If they don’t want to learn English, round them up and send them home!

  • Richard

    Can sombody show where in the constitution that the first amendment has a language requirement? There are two separate issues. Immigrants still need to learn English but at the same time have the right to seek entertainment and information in their own language. Government should have very limited roll in providing information in another language at in private matters should not involve itself.


    I have no problem with legal immigrants conversing in their native language, having native language papers, radio and/or TV stations.

    I would only like anyone who legally immigrates here to also learn the established language of this county, which at this time is English. Which, for legal immigrants it is a requirement for them to learn English.

    Once again, this shows the vacuum created by allowing illegal aliens with no requirements to be treated as legal immigrants who have requirements for citizenship the must fulfill.

    Send the illegals home and let them re-apply to come back here legally once the are willing to fulfill all the requirements for immigration E.G. medical screeningm screening for criminal background etc…

  • dartagnan

    I’m a card-carrying liberal and it makes me gag to say it, but Schwarzenegger — and Larson (yuck!) — are right on this issue. Hispanic Americans are only hurting themselves by failing/refusing to learn the predominant language of this country. Previous waves of immigrants learned the language, learned the rules and customs of the society and eventually were assimilated. Hispanic-Americans seem to want to set up their own separate nation within a nation. English-speaking Americans are offended by this, and with good reason.