Lars Larson: Election questions, problems

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

See if this adds up. Modern technology for counting ballots. Huge numbers of ballots are already sitting in the elections office on the day of the election…machines sort the ballots and then count them.

Yet somehow that takes longer than ballots that were once counted by hand?

I know there’s a push this week to “get your ballot in right now”.

My advice…wait till the last day. That’s what I have done with my ballot and I’ll do it this time. Drop it off yourself at the elections office…not in one of those ballot stuffing boxes where election mules drop their harvest.

A hundred years ago, America with no special technology or computers managed to get national elections counted the same day.

In fact, prior to 2020, almost all elections produced a result on election night.

I still remember in 1980 when Jimmy Carter conceded the election before the freaking polls even closed in Oregon.

I remember that because I was covering the election for KXL that year and I saw people walk away from polls in disgust because it was over before they even voted.

Then, in 2020…vote counting stopped right in the middle of the count, in key battleground states only…with no sensible reasons given …and overnight the results magically changed to deliver a bigger win for Joe Biden even than Barack Obama.

This week, Joe Biden declared that delays in vote counting are normal.

Quote, “that means in some cases we won’t know the winner of the election for a few days…that’s how this is supposed to work.”

No, that’s how you cheat when your party is about to lose a major election.