8 reasons to vote for Amazn’ Drazan

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Most voters have yet to vote.  Many are just now Googling the candidates name.   For those of you that are undecided, let us at the Taxpayers Association make the convincing case for Christine Drazan:

1. 100% record against big taxes:  Christine Drazan is the only candidate who has scored a 100%, A+ taxpayer score (across three different Legislative Sessions) as rated by the Taxpayers Association of Oregon.  Drazan said no to the big taxes that are now having devastating impact on Oregon’s economy.

2. Fought 72-cent gas tax:  Christine Drazan opposed the Carbon Taxes, which some estimated would have increased gas prices by 72-cents and given future gas tax decisions to be decided by an unelected group of bureaucrats.   Drazan also has been public about repealing Gov. Kate Brown back-door Carbon Tax Executive Order which unlawfully, unconstitutionally tried to implement parts of the Carbon Tax without a single public hearing or vote.

3. Opposed releasing criminal early: Tina Kotek and her lawmaker allies have voted for numerous bills reducing prison time for offenders, and when these prisoners couldn’t get out quick enough, Governor Kate Brown used her pardon/commutation power to provide early release for over a 1,000 prisoners.   Oregon’s historic crime wave was made much worse because of these votes.

4. Only one to oppose dropping education standards: Christine Drazan was the only one of the three candidates to vote no on dropping Oregon’s graduation standards.   Not soon after, enrollment in some schools dropped by as much as 30% and students taking college test scores also plummeted.

5. Poll positive proof she’s has won the heart of the people:   Two polls had Christine Drazan within a margin of victory since the first few weeks of the General Election (May) and has only improved over time.    Rarely in Oregon politics has such a non-incumbent statewide candidate started off with such strength and connection with the public.

6. Breaking records:  Her fundraising has broken records for a Governor candidate of her party, showing that her assembled team has skill to deliver and that thousands of Oregonians are willing to invest in her message with their small and large contributions.

7. Wise worded woman.  Much of the candidate attack ads across the political spectrum include dumb or outrageous quotes from what politicians said in the past.  None of the anti-Drazan ads we monitored feature any embarrassing or outrageous statements.  This is simply because Christine Drazan has been very intelligent and prudent in what she says.   That which has stumbled Republicans over the decades has not been a stumbling block for her.

8. She put it in writing:  Drazan’s Road map is a 38-point plan to fix many of Oregon’s problems.   Her plan is far more detailed than what most politicians ever put out.   Drazan plan is more transparent and revealing about where she is going.  This is much needed.


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