21 funniest moments from the Oregon election

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

As everyone awaits election returns please take a moment to laugh at the funniest moments of the Oregon election cycle.




Candidate Betsy Johnson created her own “Bet-Signal”


The Taxpayers Association of Oregon’s best parody ad.


This really happened.   I feel bad for them.


Actual Fox News headline as Laura Ingram roasts Kotek.


Best comeback one-liner of the election (video)

The Oregon Republican party created this one (who says Republicans can’t be funny?)


Joe Biden called upon to save Kotek with a visit. (note Biden’s podium)



Biden couldn’t leave Portland without one blunder.




The famous Kotek in a cowboy suit incident.


Of which Taxpayers Association lampooned her for trying to be pro-rural Oregon when her record was 100% opposite!







Business has been taxing under Kotek-Brown era.


No matter how much photo-shop Kotek did … Drazan still looked good


Poll said 57% of Kotek voters rated Oregon as on the right track… Taxpayers Association had to respond with a picture.


We decoded Kotek’s big speech for fibs.  Oh so many.


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