Catalyst published 921 election articles … your thoughts on how we did?

Special update from the Oregon Catalyst team,

Oregon Catalyst published 921 articles in the election (press releases, video ads, polls, charts,) by dozens of different authors and organizations.

Some key facts:


• We were often the * ONLY * place that some candidates could post their press releases and be seen.

• We broke news stories before the media did.

• We featured professional stories exposing liberal candidates, stories that the media ignored, stories that can only be found on our site.

• Anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 visit our site everyday.

• A record breaking number of candidates ran for many open seats causing over-crowded primaries.  We did not censor candidates but rather tried our best to give as much space to their voice as possible.   Some other sites like to pick the Primary winners and losers for you and tell you how to think.  Because our site has a big audience of all kinds (conservatives, libertarians, moderates, populists, independents) we try to focus on the news and not being your parent.

• At 921 election articles, we produced a lot of content in a time where original content is scarce and media outlets are being hollowed out.

• We kept it positive and many times downright funny.


That is our (self-boastful) opinion, what is your opinion?


What can we do better next election?

What did you appreciate the most?

What didn’t work?

Finally, are you a writer who would like to join our team and be seen by our 1,000 to 5,000 people?   Join our family?


If so, email us below with your thoughts:

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