9 notable election highlights from around the state

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

1. Governor’s Race, Congress 5, Congress 6, Gun control measure 114 too close to call.  They key races of the night, Oregon Governor, Congress #5 and #6 are too close to call.

Tina Kotek 45.7%,
Christine Drazan 44.6%,
Betsy Johnson 8.8%
Donice Smith .4% (Constitution)
Leon Noble .3% (Libertarian)

Lori Chavez DeRemer 51.7%,
Jamie Mcleod Skinner 48%,

Andrea Salinas 49.9%,
Mike Erickson 47.6%

Yes 50.9%
No 49.6%

2. Oregon’s local hero fails to make it to Congress.  Oregon’s well known veteran, Alek Skarlatos, is failing at 42% for Congress #4.

3. Multnomah voters reject extending voting rights to non-citizens.  Measure 26-231 went down with 56% no vote.  It would have allowed non-citizens to vote in local races within the county (but not state or federal).   The Taxpayers Association of Oregon was a chief opponent on this measure.

4. Ranked choice voting comes to Portland and Multnomah County: Multnomah ranked choice voting (26-232) is passing 66% and 55% for Portland’s version (26-228).  Expect Portland to be engulfed in massive election delays and controversies for the next few elections.

5. Utopian Health care mandate ballot measure #111 appears in trouble.  Measure 111 is barely falling behind at 50.45% No and 49.55% Yes.   Measure 111 puts into the Oregon Constitution that health care must be cheap and therefore people can sue in endless lawsuits to make it happen.  It was too much even for liberals like the The Oregonian and former Governor Kitzhaber who came out against it (as also the Taxpayers Association of Oregon).

6. Oregon’s “defund the police” queen goes down in flames.  Highly controversial Portland Commissioner Joann Hardesty who pushed Portland to defund their police by $12 million/100 positions has been defeated with only 44% of the vote in Portland.   Hardesty tried a second time to defund the police further and was famous for falsely accusing Portland police of setting fires during the Portland riots.

7. Jospehine County sales tax fails.  Josephine’s attempt to pass a seasonal retail sales tax has been defeated by 80%.   Taxpayers Association was involved in the opposition.

8. Oregon Senate to pick up 1 GOP seat, maybe 2.  Republicans have gained a State Senate seat with Suzanne Weber on the coast.  District 20 is too close to call between Dan Meek and Bill Kennemer which remains critical to the balance of the Senate.  An attempt to unseat Medford-area Senator Jeff Golden appears to have come short.  Republican Senator Kim Thatcher is safely re-elected.  A Republican long-shot bid to take Senate seat #15 in the hillsboro area did not work.

9. Oregon house races still too close to call.

– Former GOP lawmaker Kevin Mannix winning over Navarro by 51% to 45%. in House #21.
Attempt to remove Courtney Neron (#26) by challenger Jason Fields has failed.  Neron ahead at 53%.
– Democrat incumbent Susan Mclain fended off a big challenge by Gina Munster Moore in House #29.  Mclain at 53%.
– GOP +1. Brain Stout won against against Anthony Sorace in house #31 in a former Democrat held seat.
– Close race between Republican Cyrus Javadi 50.6% and Logan Laity 49.1%.  House #32.
– Democrat incumbent Janelle Bynum in House #39 defended her seat (despite a last minute scare and rush of money) by 54% against Kori Haynes.
– Close race between Democrat Annessa Hartman at 50.7% and Adam Baker 49.1% in House #40.
– Attempt of a GOP win in House #48 appears losing of John Masterman failing at 48% to win over Hoa Nguyen at 51%.
– Close race where Democrat Zach Hudson is barely leading Randy Lauer by 250 votes in House #49
– Unexpected surprise with close sleeper race of Democrat incumbent Ricki Ruiz holding at 51% lead over Amelia Salvador in House #50.
– GOP +1. Jeff Helfrich is barely ahead of Darcy Long in #52 with a 50.6% to 49.1% lead.
– Close, very close between Democrat Emerson Levy (50.3%) and Mike Sipe (49.5%) in House #53


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