Election update: Drazan concedes, Erickson slips, more…

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

#1. Christine Drazan gave a concession speech, I want to express my deepest gratitude to all those who supported me and put their trust in our campaign. I also want to assure Oregonians that every vote will be counted and that their voices were heard in this election. Unfortunately, given what we know about the ballots outstanding, the math for a comeback simply does not add up. Though the campaign for Governor of Oregon has come to an end, I am immensely grateful for all the Oregonians who joined our movement to take our state in a new direction. A majority of Oregonians supported a candidate that did not win. This is a unique moment in Oregon’s history and an extraordinary opportunity for leadership that recognizes the dynamics of this race that call for moderation and inclusivity moving forward. I have spoken with Tina Kotek and hope for the best for our state as she steps into this role.”

#2. Congress #6 Republican candidate Mike Erickson loss slipped by some 800 votes to over 4,000 votes behind Andrea Salinas in the last 48 hours.  Clackamas County still has between 30,000 and 100,000 votes still to count.

#3. Congress #5 Lori Chavez DeRemer expanded her lead to 6,000 ahead of Jamie McLeod-Skinner.

#4. Legislative seats. OPB states, “Republicans were able to pick up two Senate seats, one in Salem and another on the north coast. They were hopeful that late returns would break their way in a tight race in Oregon City, where Democratic state Rep. Mark Meek had a lead of about 300 votes over incumbent Republican Sen. Bill Kennemer as of Thursday morning. Depending on the outcome of that race, Democrats are likely to retain a majority with either 17 or 16 of the Senate’s 30 seats.In the House, Republicans appeared on track to win two additional seats — enough to eliminate the Democratic supermajority. If that trend holds, though, the 35-25 Democratic advantage would be a far less dramatic result than GOP consultants had hoped for. The party had some of its greatest success in northern Marion County. Republican Tracy Cramer appeared on track to beat Democrat Anthony Medina in a Woodburn district where Democrats hold a strong advantage. And longtime GOP politico Kevin Mannix, a former state representative and one-time Republican gubernatorial nominee, was on track to win a seat in extending from Salem to Keizer. Republicans also held a narrow lead in a Hood River district that has often had razor-thin margins. Republican Jeff Helfrich was leading by about 800 votes as of Thursday morning. He lost a race for the district by 84 votes in 2020, though political boundaries have since changed.”

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