Lars Larson: Measure 114 already brings chaos

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

The most consequential decision voters made in last Tuesday’s election involves a constitutional right: the 2nd Amendment.

Voters decided you need a permit to exercise that right…which is about as crazy as demanding a permit to go to church.

The law doesn’t go into effect till mid-January but the chaos it brings has already begun.

Customers packed gun stores this weekend to buy before the ban begins.

As I’m telling you this, 10-thousand people sit in the backlog of background checks that must be finished by Oregon state police.

Several elected County Sheriffs have already announced they won’t enforce key parts of the law: it’s that bad.

Lawsuits have been written and will be filed in Federal Courts to block the law.

And State Police warn they will need months to figure out how to even comply with a law that forbids the exercise of that Constitutional right.

Meanwhile, no effect whatsoever on criminals. After all, they’re criminals and, duh, they don’t follow laws.

Portland’s murder rate stands at a new record.

The ability of regular citizens to buy a gun for self-defense…well, good luck with that!

The bloody cost of complying with this new law starts very soon.