Judge rules rioters can freely harass journalists (Andy Ngo case)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Last week a small but extremely important case by a Multnomah Judge appears to open the door and give the green light for future violent protesters to harass journalists and get away with it.  The case surrounds independent journalist Andy Ngo who was harassed in own gym, by a known Portland rioter, who identified him.   When Andy Ngo tried to protect himself by filming the event he had his phone stolen.    Yet the judge let the attacker go free.   Watch the video highlights below:


Oregon has a problem of Leftist rioters attacking journalist in Portland.

Below is an example of KATU reporter being attacked by rioters and the “Kill Press” messages they have left.



Andy Ngo has twice been hospitalized over attacks by Portland rioters.





Another independent journalist was attacked just this summer:


This is a photo of when they harassed journalist Andy Ngo outside his parents home.

This case is very important.

If you care about supporting independent journalism then please support Andy Ngo