Global warming meltdown in the UK

by NW Spotlight

Are there “two sets of books” for UK meteorologists?

Because forecasts of a colder winter didn’t go very well with the government global warming story line, they were suppressed. Instead, the UK published information to the public which indicated there would be a warmer winter. When the actual weather was colder (December turned out to be the coldest in more than a century and the second coldest in 350 years), it caused untold problems because people and facilities, like Heathrow Airport, were unprepared.  Not amused, those affected are taking action.  For example, Luftansa and Virgin Atlantic are pressing Heathrow to compensate airlines hit by the chaos at the airport the week before Christmas.

A blog by one UK meteorologist, Paul Hudson, reveals that there may have been two sets of forecast maps – one available to internal meteorologists-showing a cold winter, and another made available to the public-showing a warm winter.

Roger Harrabin, of Canada Free Press, has written that the Met Office (UK’s National Weather Service) press office told him they’d given information to the UK government’s Cabinet Office that there would be an early cold winter. The BBC now has an Freedom of Information request to the Cabinet Office requesting verbatim info from the Met Office.

John O’Sullivan, also of Canada Free Press, provided more information on the meltdown:

“Last week the weather service caused a sensation by making the startling claim that it was gagged by government ministers from issuing a cold winter forecast. Instead, a milder than average prediction was made that has been resoundingly ridiculed in one of the worst winters in a century. In an almighty battle to salvage credibility, three British government institutions are embroiled in a new global warming scandal with the BBC mounting a legal challenge to force ministers to admit the truth. Sceptics ask: Is the UK government’s climate propaganda machine finally falling apart?

With the BBC appearing to take the side of the Met Office by seeking to force the government to give honest answers, untold harm will likely befall Prime Minister Cameron’s global warming policies on energy, taxation and the environment.”

Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)