Government favors pot shops over restaurants

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Politicians favor pot shops over restaurants.  Despite 1,000 Oregon restaurants permanently closed from the pandemic, Portland decided to declare a “cannabis emergency” and gifted a million dollars of taxpayer money exclusively to this favored specific industry.

As restaurants saw record closings, the number of pot shops increased by a hundredfold each year by one estimate.

Portland’s famous, Salt & Straw ice cream chain said it may move its headquarters out of Portland due to crime and constant threats their employees face when coming into work.

Oregon has so much marijuana that it is being grown and smuggled into Mexico which is angering Mexican Border Agents.

— By the way, the same Portland also gave nearly a million tax dollars directly to local political candidates to help them run for office as part of their City small donor election hand-out program.   Restaurants and police get neglected while pot shops and politicians get tax funding.

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