Mexico mad at Oregon pot smuggled into their country

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon Foundation

The Taxpayers Association of Oregon Foundation did a tour of the Arizona-Mexico border with a retired U.S. Border Patrol Agent and a journalist. Here’s what we found and learned:

According to a retired U.S. Border Patrol agent, Mexican border guards are angry at the massive amount of marijuana smuggled in from California and Oregon.

Our pot is desired because of its high quality.

Since Oregon has a six-year surplus of marijuana, it naturally finds its customers down south.

It has become so profitable that drug cartels from Mexico, Latin America, Europe and even Asia have moved into Oregon to grow it illegally in our state.   The foreign cartels know Oregon has a reputation for weak law-enforcement.  Also, rural Oregon has been severely neglected as the State is driven by big city progressive politicians and new laws that help urban Oregon at the expense of rural Oregon.

Below is a chart of what Deschutes, Jackson, Josephine County have experienced with illegal drug crime and what has been seized.  The marijuana numbers are astonishing.

The more unsecure our border is, the more criminal organizations will come to Oregon to set-up illegal marijuana farms, use coercive labor, and sell the illegal product around the world.

— This is part 3 of an ongoing series on our special report on the Southern Border.

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Nearly 80% of Americans favor more Border Security along with favoring immediate action — a consistent majority view among Democrats, Republicans and Independents.   Instead calls are being made to slash Border agents, which in light of the fact that as many as 500 people die each year trying to cross the Border, reducing agents will only cause MORE DEATHS not to mention encourage more lawbreaking, enrich criminal human smuggling and drug cartels, increase the number of unidentified people entering our country while straining resources which handicaps people who wish to enter the United States lawfully and legally.

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