Politicians direct tax $$ to girlfriends, wives, former employers

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley, when he was a State Representative, helped steer $74,000 of Oregon taxpayer dollars to the World Affairs Council which happened to be his employer.  State Representative Khanh Pham (D-Portland) directed $1.1 million of Covid emergency relief funds to her former employer and lobby organization the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon so they can purchase a new building.  In 2014, then Governor John Kitzhaber, allowed his girlfriend, Sylvia Hayes, to have her own State Government office and use of government employee staff. She used the office to run her own private political consulting businesses.    When U.S. Senator Ron Wyden began pushing the $280 billion  CHIPS Act to boost semiconductor firms, his wife began buying up potentially millions of dollars of shares of tech stocks (while at the same time telling reporters that her book store business was facing bankruptcy). (WWeek 9/15/21, New York Post 5/20/21)

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