Election Director resignation story changes. (cover-up?)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The always vigilant Willamette Week is reporting that the Associated Press mentioning that Oregon’s Election Director, Deborah Scroggin, voluntarily stepped down is incorrect.  It turns out that Oregon Election Director, Deborah Scroggin was forced to resign and wanted to stay.   You can read more details here, but most of the whole story seems to be unfolding or not yet fully known.

This is the second major Oregon Election Director to be replaced in just a short period of time.

– This may be related to the backlog of election complaints.

– This may be related to a flood of information and public records requests.

– This may be related to a half-million dollar donation from Ponzi scheme cryptocurrency company called FTX (of Sam Bankman Fried fame).  That donation was falsely named when it was made to an Oregon Democratic PAC.

– This may be related to a lawsuit accusing the Secretary of State of blocking public information.

We can only forecast and speculate until more details are known.

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