Unelected DEQ bureacrats ban buying gas cars by 2035

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

On Monday, a panel within the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality called the Environmental Quality Commission decided to ban the sale or purchase of gasoline powered vehicles by 2035 in Oregon.

KGW TV reports,“Under the Clean Air Act, other states can either adopt federal standards or follow California’s stricter rules. In this case, Oregon opted to follow our neighbor to the south.In their meeting Monday, commissioners stressed that the rule does not ban the sale of any used vehicles, including those that run on gas, and even with the uptick in electric vehicle sales, they estimated that at least 65% of vehicles on the road in 2035 will still be powered by internal combustion engines.”

Banning things that are essential to the quality of human life, like an automobile, to be decided by unelected bureaucrats is a cheating of democracy.

Furthermore, this electric car mandate will not be easily adopted in rural Oregon where charging stations will be fewer and far between.   Oregon is already working to take away rural Oregon’s forest (Elliot), taking away their dams (Southern Oregon), took away their coal plant (Boardman Oregon), and their tax dollars to spend on Portland (2017 transit payroll tax that taxes rural Oregon wages top pay for bus service available only in big cities).

The DEQ bureaucrats who approved this rule, say this will help poor communities because they are hurt by the effects of gasoline cars.   How much will they be hurt by being forced to pay $60,000 on average for an electric vehicle?    Or be hurt when blackouts arrive because California’s a few steps ahead of Oregon in their electric and other environmental-mandates and they have constant blackouts.  They have constant blackouts due to the grid not being able to handle the electric demands — and Californian has to tell people, just this year, not to charge their electric vehicles.

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