Congress rushes $1.7 trillion bill (Pelosi building, bee highway, more…)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

• This bill was crafted in secret by a select few lawmakers and now gives everyone 72-hours to pass it.

• Discretionary spending increases by $135 billion (9.2%) above FY 2022 spending levels.

• This only adds to the deficit as America re-enters into a recession again in 2023.

• It is only a matter of days before a bipartisan Congress takes power in 2023, Congress should wait until then.

• The Wall Street Journal calls it The ugliest Omnibus bill ever

• The bill contains a provision that blocks Custom and Border budget from using funds to improve border security.

Dedicates a Federal building to be named after Nancy Pelosi

• Creates $2 million Nancy Pelosi Fellowship program

• $3 million for bee-friendly highways.


Call you member of congress to stop this bill.

U.S. Senators

— Ron Wyden (202) 224-5244
— Jeff Merkely (202) 224-3753

U.S. Representatives

— 1st,  Bonamici, Suzanne D (202) 225-0855
— 2nd,  Bentz, Cliff R (202) 225-6730
— 3rd,  Blumenauer, Earl D (202) 225-4811
— 4th,  DeFazio, Peter D (202) 225-6416
— 5th, Schrader, Kurt D (202) 225-5711


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