Cartoon raises questions

To the side is an Ohman cartoon that was part of a recent Democrat e-newsletter sent out by the Oregon Democratic Party. I found their choice of Ohman cartoons very interesting. At the outset, the cartoon appears to attack Bush for his failed “Iraq Policy” and his unwillingness to set a new direction there. However, a closer examination of the cartoon seems to suggest to me that the Bush Iraq policy did not fail. Rather, it was intentionally shot down by the Democrats. Democrats in Congress (the gun turret used to shoot down Bush is mounted on the U.S. Capitol) are aiming at the President rather than the terrorists. It could also be inferred that the Democrat’s “mission accomplished” has nothing to do with keeping Americans or America safe, but rather is limited in scope to only attacking the Commander in Chief and the troops serving under him.

Maybe I’m reading too much into Ohman’s work. And even if I am correct, I’m not sure how to capitalize on the Democrats celebrating defeating the President rather than defeating the terrorists. I’m just not convinced the Democrats were wise in choosing to use (without copyright permission, I would suggest) this particular cartoon.

If I were to shine a light on this e-newsletter, I would start it with something like, “Oregon Democrats Show Support for ‘Friendly Fire’ Assault on US Troops in Iraq.”

  • responsibility

    Rep. Dennis Richardson R- Central Point is under investigation by the ethics panel. What do you read into that? America is less safe than ever before. We are the most hated country in the world and Bush has a 26% approval rating. Are we safer now? Reading into cartoons is the post of the day. Republicans have grossly miscalulated what Americans want. We have the greatest threat to national security since the Cuban missle crisis.


      Well, I am not a Bush fan at all, can’t stand him to tell the truth but your post is a little bias.

      The ethics panel is looking into Sen. Johnsons-D land deals, sound more like the law should be looking into that bribery case! I just kind noticed you for got to mention that.

      Oh wait, along with Bush’s 26% rating the Democraticly controlled congress has a 24% favoribility rating……..I’m sure you meant to put that in your post, probably just slipped your mind.

      Are we safer…………I’ve seen all the terrorist polts since 9/11 stopped before they could be carried out…………there is good chance we are safer. I guess if you want to walk around scared it’s your choice, I choose not too.

      As for the rest of the world liking us or not, who cares? Seems to me most of their citizens would move here if given a choice (and try to illegally), we must be doing something right!

  • JAC

    It’s also interesting that the Democratic lead congress in DC now has an approval rating under 15%