Sen. Boquist: Free speech in Legislature, lawsuit advances

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist,
Highlights, excerpts from Sen. Boquist newsletter

Capital Chatter: Free speech in the Legislature.

— Along the same lines as the above, Sen. Boquist is continuing his lawsuit against fellow lawmakers who sanctioned him.

— Federal data confirms Oregon spike in homelessness. In January 2023, various areas of the state will be conducting the federally backed research called the “Point in Time” or PIT Count. Over three days, volunteers will go to designated locations to conduct face-to-face interviews with people experiencing homelessness and hand out provided supplies to those in need. The data collected from the PIT Count informs local governments and state agencies on where the needs are and how to best help.

— Oregon just legalized state-funded health care, yet it is plagued with a plethora of crises: “Oregon will start 2023 with a new health authority director while facing myriad challenges that include an overburdened hospital system that struggles to meet the demand for patient care.” Many of them self-inflicted. From Sept 4, 2021: “Oregon vaccine mandate could lead to mass exodus of firefighters and paramedics across the state. Hospital beds are counted based on the number of staff available to staff them. With upwards of 25% of medical staff in the Oregon unvaccinated against COVID-19 who are losing their jobs in mid-October, this will mean even less hospital beds for Oregonians that may need them for any number of medical reasons.”

— As Oregon’s population declines (according to the U.S. Census Bureau) for the first time in 30 years, state economist warns of revenue loss. It is true that more Millennials are not having children, however, the article specifically cites the 0.4% population decrease between July 2021 and July 2022, but a study from UCLA and Princeton shows that birthrates dropped in 2020 and increased  with 46k births above the pre-pandemic trend in 2021. Additionally, it wasn’t long ago that the mainstream media was advocating against the U.S. Census Bureau due to miscounts in 14 states.

— Oregon’s contribution to national problems includes Sen. Merkley planning a federal property tax to give the bloated government more of Americans’ hard-earned, minimal, dollars.

— State election director resigns, cites mis and disinformation problems.

— Portland Democrats are back again, pretending they understand the lives and issues of those in central and southern Oregon, by reviving a bill that would “protect” coyotes from contests to get rid of them. The issue here is many of the people in the legislature do not live with the real threat of coyotes during their daily lives. These lawmakers are upset about the idea, and therefore want to ban it to make their PC quota.

— WA-Oregon Interstate Bridge could cost nearly $3b more than previously estimated.

— ODOT needs a tolling project to fund PERS.

— Capitol undergoes seismic retrofits as next legislative session draws near.

— Most LGBTQ youth in Oregon, Washington experience anxiety, depression.

— An Oregon judge will decide by Jan. 3 whether to keep in place or lift his order blocking part of a new, voter-approved measure requiring a completed criminal background check before a gun can be sold or transferred.

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