Kotek $500k donation tied to stolen teacher fund

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The Sam Bankman-Fried FTX crypto-Ponzi scheme scandal is getting worse.  This firm, FTX, is behind a half million in donations to the Oregon Democrat Party which helped steer most of their funds to Governor candidate Tina Kotek ($2.6 million).    There are two reasons this donation was scandalous.  #1. The donation was given in a false name and only after the election it was discovered the true source as FTX.

Secondly, the donation is part of a Ponzi-scheme that cheated people out of billions.

• Ohio teachers lost their investment funds in FTX collapse.

• Canadian teachers lost $95 million.

• New York and Missouri public employees had pension fund losses as well.

Governor elect Tina Kotek should seriously consider returning her donation because the donation is so layered with scandal and the fact that there are nearly a million customers who need some measure of their money back as it is part of their retirement.  This is not returning a donation because a donor said something inappropriate — this is about returning stolen funds.

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