Kotek’s emergency order ignores 70% (rural) Oregon, Dems pushback

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The Willamette Week has noted that Oregon Governor Tina Kotek’s new State of Emergency over homeless only covers a third or so of Oregon.  It covers all of the big city counties and yet ignores most of rural Oregon.

Willamette Week reports, “But the order and the $130 million funding it includes are aimed at just part of Oregon: those in six of the seven “continuums of care” that the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development groups together for purposes of funding and the provision of services. The seventh continuum of care includes 25 of the state’s rural counties….On Jan. 11, the day after Kotek’s order, the Legislature’s Coastal Caucus, led by state Rep. David Gomberg (D-Otis) pushed back.The lawmakers in that caucus wrote to Kotek, urging her “to consider providing the same level of care and attention to the Rural Oregon Continuum as you have demonstrated to the rest of the State. Homelessness is not just an urban issue, but an Oregon issue.”  Read more.

Kotek responded by saying she didn’t have the legal power to extend the state emergency order.

Since when has the law ever kept Kotek back?

Since when has our liberal leaders ever in an emergency said … oops .. “we can only do so much we have legal boundaries you know”.  We just lived through a pandemic where there were no boundaries.  Double standards.   If liberal politicians want something it is legal … if they don’t it is beyond their control.

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