Riot tourism: Violent protesters fly in to riot zones

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Did anyone notice that the first key people arrested in the Atalanta riots were mostly from out-of-state?

Five of the six were not Georgians.

Call it riot tourism.

Oregon suffered the same during our riots as many of the rioters were from out of state.

We had this guy below fly into Portland and with two weeks he was a protest breaking into a building smashing things only to be arrested and released a few hours later where he re-joined the protest and tried to break into a Federal Courthouse and was (wait for it) arrested again the same very night.  Two arrests in a single evening.

Jacob Michael Gaines, 24, flew from Texas to join Portland rioters and struck a police officer with a hammer.

Malik Fard Muhammad, 25, flew in from Indiana to distribute baseball bats to rioters and himself throw firebombs at police officers.

A Fox News article noted people in Portland protest being arrested from Minnesota, California and Washington.

This is common in other states as well as noted, “Kenosha, Wis., a much smaller city than either D.C. or Minneapolis, however, appears to have been hit the hardest by out-of-state rioters, according to local authorities. The Kenosha Police Department tweeted that arrests it made during the riots from last week netted people from 44 different cities, with 102 of those individuals living outside of Kenosha.”

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