Sen. Knopp: Travel limit bill gets 100% Senate sponsorship

Senator Knopp Introduces Bill Sponsored by All 30 Senators

By Oregon State Senator Tim Knopp

Legislation Bans Taxpayer Funded Out-of-State Travel Reimbursements for State Workers


SALEM, Ore. – In August 2022, Willamette Week published a story which highlighted a Department of Administrative Services (DAS) policy allowing state employees to work remotely while living in states with no income tax, and having their travel reimbursed by taxpayers. The policy states that “employees who work under the full-time remote work model must be reimbursed by the agency for travel to and from the central workplace.” In response, Senate Republican Leader Tim Knopp (R-Bend) introduced SB 853.

Senator Knopp released the following statement:

“Last summer, I heard from taxpayers and state employees alike who were outraged at the practice of reimbursing travel for out-of-state, highly-paid government workers to be flown back to Oregon to do their job at taxpayer expense. It’s a fundamental equity issue. Most local state employees don’t get paid to commute to work.

I’m thankful to have 29 Senate co-sponsors and impressive bipartisan support in the House. Now begins the work of advancing it through the process.”

The full text of Senate Bill 853 can be found here. This legislation is part of Oregon Senate Republicans’ Equitable Oregon Agenda, which can be found here.