HB 3057 allows corporations to serve on juries

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


HB 3057 Makes corporations eligible to serve on juries.  It is sponsored by Salem-area Democrat State Representative Paul Evans.

Some of the HB 3057 language includes “Any corporation organized under the laws of this state is eligible to act as a juror in a civil or criminal trial or as a grand juror. The corporation must act as a juror or grand juror through an individual agent of the corporation who would be eligible to act as a juror or grand juror under subsection (2) or (3) of this section.”

Why does this bill exist?   One reason is liberals often push their famous statement “corporations aren’t people” line.   By showing corporations doing things people do, like serving on juries, it shows to liberals that corporations are not people.

Why are liberal politicians so fervent in convincing people that corporations are not people?  This is easy.  Because when you steal half of the corporations money through high taxes you don’t want the conscience of knowing that you hurt everyday people by your taxes forcing companies to layoff workers or close down entirely.   The more impersonal you can make a business the more you can take from it and the more you can manipulate it with red-tape rules.

Did the politicians care that their Corporate Activities Tax killed the Bi-Mart pharmacy chain?

They didn’t care at all that an entire chain of stores closed.

The politicians said they NEEDED the CAT tax money.

This is the same State Government that has been rated in the top five biggest spending states in the nation per-capita.   Oregon spends more tax money per-person than 44 other states.

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